• Li

    13 Nov '19

    You probably can't even see the mushroom in panel three ya naughty crims

  • Chair

    14 Nov '19

    Minecraft taught me that it's okay to eat the mushroom in panel two, so it's lucky I didn't find any before reading this comic

  • ZillyOtter

    14 Nov '19

    Oh no, I looked at him before you said anything D:

  • ABTV

    14 Nov '19

    ...theres a mushroom in panel three?

  • Ian

    14 Nov '19

    Oh, no! Shoelace looked at the fourth mushroom! Will he be ok?

  • Aeron

    14 Nov '19

    This mushroom owes me five bucks.

  • Oish

    14 Nov '19

    There can be only one fun guy! shouted Fun Gus.

  • caanthedalek

    14 Nov '19

    I don't get it, what am I supposed to be seeing here? https://i.imgur.com/UoZCqt1.png

  • Xeno!

    14 Nov '19

    This mushroom sold a cow for beans that weren't even magic.

  • Scott R.

    14 Nov '19

    As Terry Pratchett once observed: "1. All fungi are edible. 2. Some fungi are not edible more than once."

  • Matthias Goergens

    15 Nov '19

    Looks like the Emperor's New Mushroom.

  • Johnny

    15 Nov '19

    What happens if you cant see any of the mushroom? Im scare!

  • Macca Cartoonist

    19 Nov '19

    In square 3 there's a blue sparkling mushroom?

  • Hindbodes

    05 Dec '19

    The fourth mushroom shown is mostly found in creepy dark-with-glow areas that can only be accessed via gigantic floating diamonds that look purple in colour.

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