• Li

    02 Oct '19

    He did a fantastic job powerwashing the garden path too

  • Lilith

    03 Oct '19

    Li, I adire your comics. I had literally just finished reading your previous comic and tried clicking the next button to no avail. Which saddened me. But then I tried again five minutes later, and now there's this! You are amazing! I love your comics

  • Kevin

    03 Oct '19

    What do you mean we need couple's therapy?

  • Todd

    03 Oct '19

    Pegasus, my nose itches

  • Aeron

    04 Oct '19

    Pegasus, I can change!

  • Wizzbang

    30 Oct '20


  • Jon

    04 Apr '21

    In Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past there's a library with a book on top of a bookshelf that you can't reach. Until later when you get an item called the "Pegasus Boots" that allow you to dash forward. If you go back to the library and dash into the bookshelf the book falls off so you can get it. I haven't played that game in like 25 years, why is my brain devoting space to remembering that?

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