• Li

    04 Sep '19

    I wonder where they're going :D

    Also just a reminder that you can get this or any of my artwork as prints from the store!

  • Maria Dalva

    05 Sep '19

    This is so amazing, wow! The dust particles, the shadows, the light, so many details... Really beautiful! I just LOVE your work! <3

  • Pistachio

    05 Sep '19

    This is so cute! I love all the details! Keep up your awesome work!! :3

  • Mike

    05 Sep '19

    Apparently it's 'Bring your pet Human Day' at Shoelace's school...

  • Jon

    05 Sep '19

    I'd love to have this as a wallpaper.

  • David

    06 Sep '19

    I only feel the wonder that you and Shoelace seem to be feeling when sitting in the front on top of a double-decker.

  • Indi

    11 Sep '19


  • 실시간스포츠중계

    11 Sep '19

    England aim to be absolutely brutal against Wale

  • funny calzone man

    11 Sep '19

    Very very nice

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