• Li

    14 Dec '09

    He has the voice of an angel, he does

  • seth

    15 Dec '09

    he doesnt even have laundry hahaha

  • Margotte

    02 Apr '10

    I love Radiohead !

  • Margotte

    02 Apr '10

    (especially sang by an elephant !)

  • david

    24 May '10

    I think that coldplay is better ( Especially sang by a lion)

  • alaina

    04 Aug '10

    radioheaaad!! awesome reference. And Radiohead kicks Coldplay's butt, hardcore. From a musician's standpoint, anyway.

  • Random Person

    10 Aug '10

    I'm so confused.. o_o

  • JS86

    10 Aug '10

    LOL <3 Ahhh Radiohead

  • Angelina

    15 Aug '10

    That just made my day. Love everything about your comic. So many yessssssssssssses.

  • Totz the Plaid

    10 Sep '10

    Did you know: that song was never rehearsed before the recording process. Phil Selway invented the beat just playing around on a loose bass drum, and the others overdubbed other bits onto it improvised and just in only one take. Thom hates the song, though, so I'll probably never get to see them do it live...

  • Ryan

    02 Oct '10

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otvsMONDksA I'm a bigger fan of ^

  • Vanessa

    31 Oct '10

    Sadly to Radiohead people, happily to the Jamie Cullum people, I can only think of Jamie singing this when I see those lyrics.

  • james

    03 Dec '10

    This pushed me over the edge. this is the only comic ive ever commented on. just wanted to say YOU ARE AWESOME. also, jordan looks like my friend kelly irl, which is wierd. do i know you?

  • Gaby

    07 Jan '11

    Sweet!!:) Radiohead makes it even sweeter!

  • Gaby

    20 Mar '11

    I love that song! I love Radiohead! I love you too! Yay!

  • Gaby

    20 Mar '11

    Just noticed the comment above me is also Gaby lol

  • becca

    16 Aug '11

    most favorate song of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    19 Aug '11

    Okay, two of my favorite things in one comic: elephants and Radiohead. My life is complete

  • Cristal Rodriguez

    16 Oct '11

    I officially love your comic, amazing Radiohead reference ;]

  • Carlyndra

    11 Nov '12

    I guess she'll have to wash the elephant's trunks for a month.

  • Chris

    04 Nov '19

    Wow, no one has commented here for seven years.

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