• Li

    28 Aug '19

    Hey come on he's still part of the gang

  • Petzi

    29 Aug '19

    Where did the fox's mouth go in the last panel? :O

  • Aeron

    29 Aug '19

    "You were such a nice wolf, and then you came back talking about cheese and Crocs... We just don't know you anymore!"

  • MotorMaster

    29 Aug '19

    "Guys it's not what you think I didn't change from being in the city! I, just happened heard a lot about cheese and crocs!

  • Jihnny

    30 Aug '19

    The Wolf and The City.

  • Mike I.

    30 Aug '19

    Wolfie shocked the mouth right off of Foxor

  • Franck

    30 Aug '19

    I don’t know what cheese is... But it’s delicious!

  • Leafy

    01 Sep '19

    Lol, the intensity of their expressions and the color with the text is great. I love them all, what cuties. (The hover text was a perf addition.)

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