• Li

    31 Jul '19

    FUN FACT: I have never seen Jurassic Park but I'm pretty sure it's just like this

  • Ronald

    31 Jul '19

    You're right, it's pretty much just like that. :D

  • Zemyla

    01 Aug '19

    It was a money laundering scheme engineered by the dinosaurs. They'll be sitting on a tropical island sipping mojitos.

  • Tom

    01 Aug '19

    Well, pretty much except for the spitting.

  • Johnny

    01 Aug '19

    Crime, uh, finds a way!

  • Xeno!

    01 Aug '19

    "I guess we shouldn't have used that bank robber DNA to fill in the blanks!"

  • pyrodice

    01 Aug '19


  • il biggo

    01 Aug '19

    I like how the dinosaur thinks he needs a gun to scare people XD

  • That Guy

    05 Aug '19

    Yeah, I'm going to be that guy: Watch Jurassic Park, it genuinely holds up.

  • Todd

    06 Aug '19

    @il biggo maybe it just likes to collect guns

  • Amber

    07 Aug '19

    Other fun fact: I ruined Jurassic Park for myself by watching it as an adult and now understanding that "hold onto your butts" referred to cigarettes.

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