• Li

    05 Jun '19

    Oh no. Oh no no no.

  • Z

    05 Jun '19


  • Jake

    05 Jun '19

    I think you could continue this joke indefinitely. Bonus panels for days. "...canoes in this vicinity are in fact disguised velociraptors relaxing on the surface of hourly-erupting angry terrible volcanoes ->" :-)

  • invisibules

    05 Jun '19

    Superb Li! I woke up everyone else in the office with my laughing.

  • Jack Chain

    06 Jun '19

    li ded

  • Xeno!

    06 Jun '19

    What have volcanoes got to be angry about? Probably their lack of friends, due to how terrible they are.

  • Kilby

    06 Jun '19

    @ Xeno! - I think the reason they are ticked off is that ever since western civilization invaded the South Pacific, the locals have stopped tossing virgins into them.

  • Karry :3

    08 Jun '19

    Forget that hot lake, I would rather go to the lake of molten ice and pet those sheep. =w=

  • Torgamous

    10 Jun '19

    This is a pretty good summary of New Zealand.

  • andrea

    11 Jun '19

    Hubby was evacuated from both Indonesia and Philippines due to volcanoes (scuba diving trips), so I found this very humorous. I don't think HE will, tho . . . are there volcanoes in Bonaire? It's his first trip since his two aborted trips.

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