• Li
    22 May '19

    If you’re in Auckland on 1-2 June then come and see me at Chromacon! I’ll be selling stickers, pins, cards, books as well as discounted art prints :)

  • Tim van der Meij
    Tim van der Meij
    23 May '19


  • Invisibules
    23 May '19

    What a hoot!

  • Xeno!
    23 May '19

    He was just playing Toot Scootin' Boogie when inspiration struck him from behind.

  • Snorkles
    23 May '19

    Bird got d boot scoot

  • Amit
    31 May '19

    Love the way you take us from sweetness to stupidity and sometimes to raw wickedness....
    May I suggest you add another navigation through the comics numbers?
    I think it would be great that instead of only "1st page", "previous page", "next page"and "Last page" - you will add also a "go back 10 pages" and "go 10 pages forward" buttons (:

  • V
    24 Jul '19

    Hello could I add to Amits idea and suggest a button that says "random" and it will bring a random comic from all the pages. Love your work! Thank you!