• Li

    01 May '19

    Can I have this *points to tv*

  • il biggo

    02 May '19

    Poor ducky-birdy-thingy. "Li's choice" wouldn't be that much of a drama, I guess.

  • Zemyla

    02 May '19

    To be fair, he's not been a good guest. Staying up too late, leaving the toilet seat up, reading the Necronomicon...

  • Amber

    02 May '19

    Is that a real bird, or a fake one?

  • Kilby

    02 May '19

    @ Amber - The bird is just as real as Shoelace (the cat) is. It all depends on how you feel about the "reality" of images.

  • Jon

    03 May '19

    The fox from www.exocomics.com/533 !

  • Kohl

    23 Nov '19

    He grabbed the great goose by the neck He threw a duck across his back And he didn't mind the quack, quack And the legs all danglin' down-o

  • gws

    13 Dec '19

    Sneaky fox is trying to reform! Snuck in to your house. Got on your WiFi. Asked before taking the bird.

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