• Li

    17 Apr '19

    I hope you like this week's one panel! I spent a lot of time painting it. Just a reminder you can buy this and any other comics or artworks as prints from the store :D

  • yoonie

    18 Apr '19

    I love it!

  • Amber

    18 Apr '19

    It feels very Blade Runner to me. (In a good way!)

  • marcus

    18 Apr '19

    that's amazing!

  • caanthedalek

    18 Apr '19

    Love it! I love the neon in the rain.

  • 50srefugee

    18 Apr '19

    Spectacular! ...It makes me think of the noodle truck in Bladerunner. Which is not a bad thing, just an indicator of how crossed up my wiring is. I wish there were noodle trucks in my town.

  • Indi

    18 Apr '19

    Another great multiple of 10 panel. I can't wait to see what you come up with for #600!

  • Matthieu V

    18 Apr '19

    This looks gorgeous ! I really like the neon and rain a e s t h e t i c s

  • Robin K

    18 Apr '19

    Wonderful and mysterious. I can see Deckard and Gaff, at any moment, approaching to order some noodles.

  • Neko Cross

    19 Apr '19

    Are you still in Japan?

  • il

    19 Apr '19

    Mmmm, ramen. And... rice cake? I can't read the other sign.

  • Karry :3

    19 Apr '19

    A left side drive car in Japan?! Blasphemy. The futuristic neon holograms look amazing and make a somewhat cold place look warm and inviting. :)

  • Ben

    21 Apr '19

    https://www.cracked.com/blog/4-weirdly-specific-things-movies-believe-about-food/ In the future badasses will eat noodles.

  • Jon Anderson

    22 Apr '19

    Come to Webtoons! Please! ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

  • FiZ

    24 Apr '19

    I adore this! It's one of those scenes I've always dreamed of being around to photograph ^_^

  • Kilby

    29 Apr '19

    Can anyone translate the two neon signs in kanji (on the left and in the middle)? (The one on the right says "ramen".)

  • Hazel Whitley

    03 May '19

    The sign on the left also says "ramen", and the one in the middle says "yakitori" (grilled chicken).

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