• Li

    14 Dec '09

    I'm just too awesome.

  • Wally

    09 Feb '10

    Go shoelace. Sneaky fish :-D

  • diy

    18 Feb '10

    shoelace was the one to be chased out. totally lol

  • Richard

    27 Feb '10

    I do this all the time to my flatmates. It's so mean. :(

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    if i had an apron i would make it say "screw the cheff kiss me" i just hope no one says screw the cheff AND kiss me BLEH

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    It's usually the reverse for my wife and I. I usually kick her out...lol

  • failure

    21 Sep '10


  • Kuri suta hall

    23 Sep '10

    this is me and my sister sharign the kitchen...it ends the same way....

  • Daniel

    05 Oct '10

    I don't dig the reinforcement of gender stereotypes

  • Crissy

    08 Oct '10

    I cannot believe how much this is like my Jordan and me. Creepy. Haha.

  • Richard Metres

    19 Oct '10

    Am I really that bad????

  • Vanessa

    31 Oct '10

    I totally do the same thing. Sometimes I just don't talk at all, or leave the room so I stop being a meanie to Dan-kin, lol.

  • Michelle

    03 Nov '10

    This is EXACTLY like my fiance and me... oh lord.

  • Serge

    27 Nov '10

    This would probably be a problem, except our kitchen isn't big enough for two people. The one time tried cooking together, she was holding a knife, and her elbow touched the boiling pot behind her. Obviously she flinched her arm away. Just too bad that my ribcage was in the immediate trajectory of said knife. ... ow.

  • Apey

    03 Jan '11

    Why must there be so much awesome here on this site? :D

  • Zeke

    15 Jan '11

    If you can't take the heat...

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    And the winner is SHOELACE :)

  • NedK

    24 Feb '11

    Couples should not cook together unless they strictly divide the work. And even then it could be dangerous...

  • Arkady

    06 Aug '11

    Those salt-shakers look a lot like grenades,...

  • Doodlebug

    15 Aug '11

    I totally do this to my husband all the time. I even did this to my mom after I got married and got used to having my own kitchen.

  • Haley

    23 Nov '11

    This is disturbing. Every one of these comics... It's like I've come across my asian, New Zealand dwelling twin.

  • Toshi

    24 May '12

    @Zeke ...man up and learn how to.

  • Anne

    03 Apr '13

    Yay! shoelace ^_^

  • Selah

    10 Nov '13

    Shoelace is such a cute name for a cat!

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