• Li

    10 Apr '19

    Never going to one again.

  • Marc

    10 Apr '19

    I had a literal lol at this one.

  • Tudpool

    11 Apr '19

    Mad night out. Car got turned into a pumpkin.

  • Indi

    11 Apr '19

    Li you're such a beast.

  • Franck

    11 Apr '19

    OK so the watch is a smartwatch with a old style clock on it ?! Also « Oh shit the cat turned back from being a horse »... I guess!

  • Kilby

    11 Apr '19

    Well, nuts. It turns out that Prince Charming is just not enthralled by gratuitous excremental language.

  • Natybee88

    12 Apr '19

    Where da hell me phone? (see: Lizzo)

  • LLaurie

    12 Apr '19

    Li, I hate to break it to you but I think your horses turned back into mouses. (Mices?) What I'm saying is you might wanna find an Uber.

  • Jaco

    12 Apr '19

    Li, i discovered your comics some months ago and watched them like 5 cartoons per day, stopping every day at the one panel ones. I have just reached the latest one and now I am impatiently waiting for the next one! Oh my goodness, how am i going to survive the wait? I am addicted your cartoons, thank you.

  • LI chen

    13 Apr '19

    omg my chinese name is:Li Chen (李琛) but I have two cat ha~ha~

  • John

    15 Apr '19

    It looks like she's wearing gym socks under her fancy shoes? If yes, amusing.

  • Midgard

    18 Apr '19

    @ Franck: smartwatches with hands exist. When you get a notification, the watch vibrates and the hands point to a number, to show the type of notification.

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