• Li

    20 Feb '19

    Mr Shark please I swear I'm not tasty. I'm real chewy and tough eww

  • Kilby

    20 Feb '19

    Shoelace can fly faster than Li can flee.

  • Invisibules

    21 Feb '19

    This is, for me, your best comic so far. Thank you!

  • kruug

    22 Feb '19

    La-and Shark, do doo do do do do

  • edrie

    23 Feb '19

    knife and fork. that’s one classy shark.

  • squishy

    17 Apr '19

    natural occurrence, most definitely. :)

  • Nyazilla

    20 Apr '19

    Del toro the Director. In Interview was asked about all the scary monsters he writes about. So what scares Deltoro. Apparently it is a land Shark chasing him. What a coincidence. Should post to his Twitter.

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