• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Yep, crumpets are weird :/

  • Leighla

    14 Mar '10

    Yes, but how do they taste?

  • Modified Mummy

    15 Mar '10

    Crumpets are full of nommy-ness! Super hot and toasted and slathered in lots of butter... I'm so happy to be british and can have crumpets whenever I want without any hassle. Although I feel I should try and make them from scratch one day...

  • Damage

    07 Apr '10

    Impossible. Crumpets cannot be constructed by mere mortals. They're assembled by Thor's Baker using magic flour on Mount Doom. Or something. Wait, do they even have flour in them? See, I'm not permitted to understand!

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    i bet that one of the gods commited treason and sent the ingredients and recipe to mortals so as we don't feel so bad

  • Jayde

    15 Apr '10

    i love crumpets i have vegimite on them

  • Bridget

    25 Apr '10

    Wow. Talking about crumpets on a British site.... LOL.

  • Tamfang

    27 May '10

    Michael Flanders said of his trip to America: "We also had all sorts of food that you can't get here in England, such as English muffins."

  • Leigh

    04 Jun '10

    there is nothing, I mean nothing, better than a crumpet..

  • Starlight

    14 Jun '10

    Bridget, she's not British. She's from New Zealand.

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    He makes you breakfast T^T so lucky!

  • Garrick

    10 Sep '10

    Delicious... Cruuuumpeeeeeetsssssssssss. It's like eating... A crumpet. I have nothing to compare that to.

  • Kuri suta hall

    23 Sep '10

    this reminds me of my sister horribly...she wants to try something then sees it looks funny and turns up her nose....9.9d i know how he feels..(sarah refused to try sushi after she saw the inside of it)

  • bakedpotatoes

    02 Nov '10

    I never got the joy of crumpets. Gimme a toasted muffin any day.

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    I want a crumpet :( Closest things I have are: Doctor Who Fish and Chips Muse (?) . . .and those only count because they're British. >_>

  • Sir Naff

    04 Jan '11

    We call them English Muffins in America... AND THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE MUFFINS. They're pretty good though.

  • Jim

    18 Apr '11

    My husband made crumpets once. They weren't really like english muffins. I didn't know they were the same thing. They were weird. Mostly their purpose was to deliver maximum amounts of delicious buttery goodness, a function they performed admirably.

  • Bathysphere

    09 Jun '11

    I don't think crumpets are the same as English muffins. They have separate Wikipedia articles, anyway. I can't figure out what the difference is, though.

  • Grizzlebeard

    29 Jul '11

    crumpets rock :D specially with peanut butter on :3

  • Jeremy

    30 Jul '11

    Crumpets are delicious. So are fungi. They should be eaten separately

  • Koala Sensei

    19 Sep '11

    Crumpets and English muffins are entirely different things. Yes, they are both toasted and slathered with butter/margarine and some sort of spread (I <3 honey or golden syrup on crumpets and strawberry jam or Vegemite on muffins ;P), but that doesn't make them the same. That's like equating a Pop Tart with a slice of bread. Same function, but completely different flavour, shape, make and texture.

  • Koala Sensei

    19 Sep '11

    P.S. These comics are absolutely adorable and, at times, hilarous. Awesome work, Li :) Nice to see something so fabulous come from a fellow Southern Hemisphere-ite (I'm an Aussie).

  • liz

    27 Oct '11

    English muffins are gross and not at all crumpets! Crumpets are chewy and have holes in them - english muffins are just like bread really - but not as good. I tried to make crumpets when I was working at an american summer camp - so the kids could taste the yumminess - however I found out after failing that they are apparently notoriously difficult to bake. Who knew? (ps baked in a frying pan... wierd)

  • pamela

    05 May '12

    I love both crumpets and English muffins but they're pretty different. Crumpets stay damp, even while toasted, while English muffins crisp up, so crumpets don't crunch and are more dense. Slightly different ingredients or proportions, I'd guess.

  • Meghan

    25 Oct '13

    I love the expression in the last panel!!

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