• Li

    19 Dec '18

    Hey everyone!

    This is the last comic for 2018! Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing my comics this year. I'll be taking a two week break and the next comic will be out on the 9th of January. In the meantime, I'll still be posting drawings and old comics on facebook, instagram, twitter and we even have our own subreddit!

    You can also support me by buying something from my store or being my patron. Have a safe and merry christmas everybody :D

  • Pomp Maker

    19 Dec '18

    Now that's an inventive idea!

  • Tim van der Meij

    20 Dec '18

    What a great strip to end the year! Thank you so much for the laughs this year, Li!

  • RealUnimportant

    20 Dec '18

    Li, you are a genius. GENIUS!

  • Jack Chain

    20 Dec '18

    also stylish

  • Zemyla

    20 Dec '18

    The villain Ammo Baron literally does this in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. However, because he's a villain, he steals a bunch of people's magic carpets to make outfits for his entire army.

  • Relyk

    20 Dec '18

    Yay! New comic on my birthday =] Love your work Li!

  • Gary

    20 Dec '18

    I'd give anything for a flying sweater, especially in winter. Roll out of bed, pull the sweater on and fly to work half-asleep. Heavenly.

  • Indi

    20 Dec '18

    Simply magical. Wishing you Li and all here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all the fun and amazement this year.

  • Elsie

    20 Dec '18

    Supah cute!! I am a knitter myself and wish I could knit me a sweater that enabled me to fly !

  • edrie

    20 Dec '18

    wait a minute, why was that magic carpet on sale?

  • il biggo

    20 Dec '18

    Wait a minute, why was this magic carpet on saaaaaaaaaaa

  • il

    20 Dec '18


  • Ari Morse

    20 Dec '18

    That's really clever! I might use this in a D&D campaign

  • Michelle Houle

    21 Dec '18

    This one made the knitters in my life (including me!) laugh with joy. thanks for this

  • Mike

    22 Dec '18

    Maybe knitting it into a unionsuit would be safer? If you raised your arms at all you could slide right out of that sweater...

  • swb

    03 Feb '19

    I agree. This is genius.

  • Anna

    13 Aug '19

    What if there was another magic carpet! Then she can knit some magic Pants! So she won’t fall!

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