• Li
  • lauscho
    22 Nov '18

    hunned dollar bills~

  • John
    22 Nov '18

    Bird's like "crap, I'm going to have to rob a monopoly bank to get that much monopoly money"

  • Silver Stitch
    Silver Stitch
    22 Nov '18

    Did the worm turn into bread after panel two~?
    Worm bread.

  • Pharmakeus Ubik
    Pharmakeus Ubik
    24 Nov '18

    Same request I got from my nephew. Solved it by printing C-notes with his picture instead of Ben's and putting "not" in front of legal tender. Sent him 5 grand in "Seth-bucks."

  • Indi
    24 Nov '18

    Same at my house ... Li you must be my daughter.

  • nomen
    24 Nov '18

    11 x 100 bills, that I can do!