• Katty

    21 Mar '11

    I do it alll the time..

  • Chris

    17 Apr '11

    I'll do this several times in a row before realizing I'm not wearing them. Then I'll go into a panic thinking Iost them, until I realize I just took them off.

  • Scott

    19 Apr '11

    Oh jeez... this is why I have contacts now.

  • Masami

    13 May '11

    I did that all the time. I hav had glasses since I was in 5th grade and now I'm 21. But I had gotten contacts in my senior year of highschool and it took me a really long time to get rid of the push up glasses habit. Now I forget I'm wearing glasses sometimes and I adjust my whole head to see through them... It looks so dumb haha

  • Charlotte

    14 May '11

    Oh, I do that a lot. Mostly when I'm trying to sleep.

  • Kelly Li

    15 May '11

    I do this too! I poke the bridge of my nose when I wear contacts...or wrinkle my nose lol

  • Sondilyn

    16 May '11

    I totally do that all the time. But up the bridge of my nose. Just found your comic. It's genius!

  • Randell

    16 Jul '11

    Happens to me, too! LOL

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    lmfao I do that every now and then also. xD this comic is awesome!

  • Bones

    07 Aug '11

    You are not alone. You are not alone.I have contacts and I still do that sometimes.

  • sarain

    11 Aug '11

    lol i totally do that all the time!!!! i love your commic, just found it like 15 minutes ago, my new favorate!!! soooo cuuuuute!

  • akrim

    13 Aug '11

    i know .)

  • Tara

    18 Sep '11

    I do it all the time. -.-

  • Darkwolfess

    12 Oct '11

    Every. Fucking. Time. And sometimes I hurt myself.

  • liz

    27 Oct '11

    I do this - I have worn glasses since I was 18 months old - they used to tie into my hair so I couldnt take them off. I have a relatively new habit that my boyfriend finds slightly embarressing - I push up my glasses with my shoulder - the no hands approach. It does kind of look like I am wiping my nose on my shoulder/have a wierd nervous tick. I dont do it too often... Oh and also poke myself in eye to check they are on. I wonder why glasses ever got associated with geekiness??

  • MaKezzen

    29 Oct '11

    Lol... Sometimes I don't remember that my hubby wears them. They kinda blend in. I love him souch.

  • Carol

    03 Nov '11

    I understand I hate when people that don't have glasses laugh! It happens!

  • Katifer

    03 Nov '11

    *takes off glasses for fencing* *stops fencing, starts refereeing* *makes several terrible calls before realising that the glasses are still on that hook on the wall* To all glasses wearers: The Glasses Hook. Most brilliant invention ever.

  • Random

    06 Nov '11

    Yes yes and a thousand times yes. I also occasionally put my glasses on and then reach for my glasses to put them on.

  • some one person

    12 Dec '11

    xD i hate that lol i poked my eye a few times too -.-

  • nikki w

    06 Jan '12

    Lol I relate so much to this series :3 so many convos have happened word for word! Recently my fiance got glasses and finally acknowledged that he was being rough with me (ex. Hugging my head and bending the frames...... many many times). Keep up the comics :)

  • Sahj

    29 Feb '12

    That horrible comment by asshat Mcfakerson needs to be removed. Such a jerk- bringing me down :( Just found your comic! A friend posted episode 214. So cute! My sister in law can so relate! I wore glasses from age 8-16 then to contacts. At 28 I still squinch my nose!

  • Ellie

    13 Mar '12

    don't worry. i do it to all the time! i forget im wearing glasses then push the bridge of my nose up and nothing's there. it confuses ma mindddd

  • Debbie

    12 May '12

    I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one who does that!!! xD

  • Nekoko

    17 May '12

    I understand, I understand! It's so mean when people laugh...

  • amanda

    21 Jun '12

    sometimes i do that, but i miss and my finger almost goes into my nose...then people who see think i was picking it.

  • egomadking

    25 Jul '12

    I usually touch my face before I get into the shower to make myself sure that I have actually taken my glasses off before I hop in.

  • Baily

    26 Sep '12

    It's true!! They never understand!!! :(

  • Jago

    09 Oct '12

    I do this all the time, pushing up my glasses is kinda a nervous tick for me, so when they're not there I really freak out sometimes, then laugh at how dumb I'm bring...

  • Lynda

    19 Jan '13

    I do that all the time when I'm drawing. I don't wear my glasses then, and I forget I'm not wearing them. XD lol

  • MetDragon

    24 Mar '13

    oh ya I understand... for awhile I had no glasses because my old ones had broken.. and every so often I would try and push them up to try and refocus my eye sight.. and then realize oh wait no glasses... very embarrassing and annoying

  • Agent

    12 May '13

    this happened to me 3 times a day when i changed to contact lens :)

  • December

    29 Nov '14

    I do this a lot and i'm like "oh right... they are not there.... i miss u glasses ;-;"

  • Chris

    13 Apr '16

    Yep! Darn awkward situations, always made more awkward when my glasses are either not on, or are already pushed up :/

  • ZF_Precious

    09 May '18

    I've done it

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