• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Sometimes I miss and poke my eye. I'm cool...

  • seth

    15 Dec '09

    i hate that feeling i also hate it when people notice when u do that

  • Yabbaba

    18 Dec '09

    I don't have glasses, but the other day, while chatting on my cell phone, I spent half an hour frantically searching for my cell phone. My girlfriend was on the couch laughing the entire time.

  • Alex Walters

    21 Jan '10

    Hahaha!! Nice! I do this all the time! I also try to take my glasses of when I've already taken them off. XD

  • diy

    18 Feb '10

    cute shoelace! pfft!

  • Pi

    13 Mar '10

    ^^;; sometimes I do that too, or I'll squinch my nose to wiggle my glasses back up, but I'll be wearing my contacts instead......

  • Julia

    13 Mar '10

    I do that all the time too. Sometimes I purposefully try to poke myself in the eye to see if i'm wearing my glasses.

  • Vincent

    15 Mar '10

    D: I HAVE TOTALLY DONE THAT. Everyone laughs at me too. ; A;

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    i once wore fake glasses to make myself look better then my brother was showing me something and i lowered the glasses to see better...even to this day they mock me

  • Jon

    28 Apr '10

    Ahahahahahahahahahahah.... Heh... *Sniff* Heh. This is one that has caught me far too often. XD

  • J. Hirota Jr.

    11 May '10

    But that's completety normal, i don't use glasses, but it is of my knowledge that people who do use glasses can even HEAR worse without them. It's a psychological thing.

  • Tamfang

    27 May '10

    More than once I've put my contacts on and then thought, "Okay I'm done fiddling with my eyes, I can put my glasses back on." (I wore glasses for 38 years before getting contacts, so shut up.)

  • Sara

    16 Jun '10

    I haven't worn glasses for three years, and I still push mine up sometimes.

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    I did that for MONTHS after I switched to contacts! Glasses, never again........-shudder-

  • Willy

    13 Aug '10

    Happens all the time. :)

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    yes! im not the only one!!

  • Dio

    16 Aug '10

    I'm a big fan of the 'push up the bridge of your nose with a finger' approach, so I can pass it off as an itch :)

  • Becky

    02 Sep '10

    I do this ALL THE TIME!! And it looks like i'm petting my face which is odd. :P

  • Mushu

    02 Sep '10

    SO glad im not the only one! hahaha

  • Dude

    04 Sep '10

    Oh my god, i thought i was the only one!

  • pancake

    07 Sep '10


  • Wendy

    09 Sep '10

    Haha, I always do that.

  • Muffin

    11 Sep '10

    I always do that too.. and when i do, i feel really weird about it :p

  • Ghost

    17 Sep '10

    I LOVE Shoelace.

  • KaSmores

    18 Sep '10

    totes do that all the time.. =P

  • Indiana

    18 Sep '10

    So true!! I hate when that happens!

  • tigrress

    20 Sep '10

    My favorite, since I switch between my glasses and contacts for a couple weeks at a time... Walking into a building and attempting to remove my glasses as if they're sunglasses. Now that I have transition lens, it's even worse... >_<

  • Rachael

    22 Sep '10

    It's been two years since I had LASIK, and I still catch myself trying to push up my glasses on occasion.

  • mei

    26 Sep '10

    ha! too cute - still happens to me from time to time

  • PennyNot

    28 Sep '10

    Ever step in the shower with the glasses still on because you thought you took them off? Been there, done that!

  • Allison

    06 Oct '10

    NOOO. I am always poking myself between the eyes because of this. D:<

  • LisaMarie

    10 Oct '10

    I have done this when i have my contacts in. I am so used to fiddling with my glasses when i am bored and i have poked my self in the eye.

  • Ashley

    25 Oct '10

    lol I do that all the time!!! XD

  • Daniela

    26 Oct '10

    Yes, I do that! All the time. hahahahahah

  • KandD4

    30 Oct '10

    I always try to take off my hat, after I have taken off my hat.....

  • Peter

    07 Nov '10

    happens to me too all the time...

  • Morgan

    14 Dec '10

    xD I've only had glasses for a few months, and so when I forget to put them on in the morning, I wonder why my eyesight has turned bad again[short sighted] It usually takes me half an hour to figure out why... Other times I try to push my glasses up when I'm in bed and they're right beside on my bedside table in clear view...

  • kelsey

    21 Dec '10

    i do that all the time xD

  • Mreow

    06 Jan '11

    "did you just try to push your glasses up your nose when you don't even have a nose?" She doesn't even have a nose to push her glasses up, let alone glasses XD

  • Evilestine

    07 Jan '11

    Haha I always do tat too~!! lol cos we too used to it already~ lol U r so cute Li~

  • Brenna

    08 Jan '11

    I do it when my glasses don't even need to be pushed up.

  • The Only

    24 Jan '11

    I do it all the time! I really don't like it when non-glasses wearing people laugh at you for it also :(

  • David

    26 Jan '11

    fellow asian, i totally understand

  • Michi

    28 Jan '11

    Oh Lord... I do that all the time... lol

  • christa

    28 Jan '11

    I love how everyone just disregards the disparaging comment. For once, trolling isn't super effective. Also, love these comics.

  • Tamfang

    29 Jan '11

    Sometimes my ear-muscles get sore from trying to hold up the glasses that aren't there.

  • Ron Moses

    16 Feb '11

    I had LASIK surgery six years ago, and I still occasionally try to push my glasses up. Six. Years.

  • Cat

    16 Feb '11

    Sometimes, I look for my glasses when I am wearing. I also hate it after a shower or bath - I can't remember where I put them and then spend 20 mins running around trying to find them. :(

  • NedK

    24 Feb '11

    I don't usually use these, but: LOL! :D

  • Shell

    03 Mar '11

    I do this too. All the time... SO humiliating. xD

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