• Li

    07 Nov '18

    Whoooaaaa it's November already! Perhaps you'd like something from the store for Christmas? Hmmmm? Yeah go on.

  • Ana

    08 Nov '18

    That was very Ash vs Evil Dead

  • Indi

    09 Nov '18

    Ah, the dreaded duckronomicon.

  • edrie

    09 Nov '18

    when duck opens the book the SKULL’S EYES OPEN aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Indi

    13 Nov '18

    @edrie - Oh, I hadn't noticed that bit with the eyes on the book. Nice detail Li. I also liked the hover text. Could there be more to this story?.

  • Tourma

    14 Nov '18

    That and they owe the library, like, ten dollars and fifteen cents.

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