• Li

    24 Oct '18

    Just a wee note to remind you that if you want to get anything from the store for Christmas it's best to put in your order as early as possible because shipping from New Zealand to the rest of the world can take awhile :)

  • invisibules

    25 Oct '18

    I'm laughing out loud, and showing everyone in the office.

  • feishien

    25 Oct '18

    SCREAMING! I love this so much.

  • Arx11Comic

    25 Oct '18

    woah that went dark

  • Indi

    25 Oct '18

    This speaks to me.

  • Scott

    25 Oct '18

    But is it the same duck family from the picture in your portfolio?

  • Shas

    25 Oct '18

    The hover text is too good

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