• Li
    17 Oct '18

    Shhh noone tell the robot about Kickstarter

  • Mr. MEH
    Mr. MEH
    17 Oct '18

    Ooooh, can it please be Wasps first? I will totally help out with the geese should the order change!

  • Indi
    18 Oct '18

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

  • Jack Chain
    Jack Chain
    18 Oct '18

    Don't forget to exterminate mosquitos and people that drive slowly in the passing lane, little robot, sir.

  • Henry O
    Henry O
    22 Oct '18

    *Waves* 1st found ya bout a yr & a half ago(!?), read 502 in a day, you went japan, so a brief hiatus.
    I've jus read 536 in a day (21/10/18) & now begins the (sadly) Quite Long wait for more... *Sighs*
    Supremely top quality work however, & I personally thank you for makin my life a little more bearable (Raar!) however briefly! *Grins*
    Very Pleasant & Happy Wk to ye miss!!! Big Love to Jordan & Shoelace too! *Bows Politely*