• Li
  • Ari Morse
    Ari Morse
    4 Oct '18

    A smooth criminal

  • Tim van der Meij
    Tim van der Meij
    4 Oct '18

    Congrats Li! Is this the second time? The last one I recall was that USB one.

  • Edu
    4 Oct '18

    From now on that duck should always wear that hat.

  • Indi
    4 Oct '18

    Quickly went from sweet to smooth. Another good one.

  • Jim
    4 Oct '18

    Straight out of the Perry the Platypus playbook.

  • Kallee
    13 Nov '18

    I'm a sneaky fox. I'll sneak in your house. Sit on your couch. Eat your pasta. And COMMIT MASS MEMES