• Li

    27 Sep '18

    HA! You didn't even know!

  • Jason

    27 Sep '18

    so, when the fox emailed my mum, I want to know... what does the fox say?

  • Indi

    27 Sep '18

    Fox is as fox does. Another good one Li :-)

  • Sera

    27 Sep '18

    gosh darn it fox! i like my bed comfortably unmade! (i mean, that's a lie)

  • Johnny

    27 Sep '18

    He surely installed Firefox on your computer.

  • Kilby

    27 Sep '18

    Pasta? I thought foxes like "Green Eggs and Ham".

  • john

    29 Sep '18

    This comic became a meme in my circle

  • Ming

    29 Sep '18

    An edit of this comic made it to the front page of Reddit Friday afternoon.

  • Arx11Comic

    01 Oct '18

    Someone reposted and edited this and I'm dead inside www.reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/9k76fo/me_irl/

  • Dita

    01 Oct '18

    100% would wear a sneaky fox shirt.

  • edrie

    01 Oct '18

    100% would wear my eyebrows like that. Srsly, who does his eyebrows.

  • SnowingSilently

    03 Oct '18

    Li, do you know what happened to the stickers? I've been seeing the banner advertising them, but I can't find them in the store.

  • Caz

    12 Oct '18

    Li... you've gone viral with some crazy edits. I've seen a couple of versions now. I try and link people to your comments when I see em! https://imgur.com/gallery/7GJlNjv

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