• Li

    14 Dec '09

    AND he always leaves the xbox on. Grr! You boys can be so annoying.

  • Dracojounin7

    23 Feb '10

    Yes we can... <..> *turns off everything but clock and laptop*

  • colin

    20 Mar '10

    wow, that's some angry cuddling.

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    it's like angry sex but cute and not disgusting but the guy wins in both situations

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    I dun especially like cuddling, so, my wife is the only one that wins with angry cuddling.

  • jeffsamuels

    15 Aug '10

    cuddling is an amazing thing :D

  • jeffsamuels

    15 Aug '10

    and its impossible to cuddle angerly for over five minutes <3

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    that is the angryest cuddling ive ever seen

  • zippomage

    11 Sep '10

    ugh, who can stand the sound of a running xbox when it's not being entertaining? I often take breaks from playing xbox just so I can be in the room WITHOUT the noise vibrating my teeth (slight exaggeration)

  • Kitmit

    15 Sep '10

    in my family its my mum who leaves the lights on and my dad that has a go at us :( he hates wasting electricity

  • Kitsune-Teme

    21 Sep '10

    You look like you're gonna break his spine... >.>

  • Marissa Balderrama

    29 Sep '10

    yea go Li! That'll show 'em >:D

  • Shannon

    06 Oct '10

    This has happened many times recently except our cat sleeps on my side hehe

  • Crissy

    08 Oct '10

    This is totally my boyfriend, Jordan, and me. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • David B. Owie

    11 Oct '10

    Oh man!~ I didn't notice the kitty! xD

  • jake

    11 Oct '10

    ...that was just retarded

  • chris

    11 Oct '10

    Bitches get angry over stupid shit. Just turn the lights off yourself and calmly remind them to turn off the lights when they leave the room.

  • garbarharyarb

    17 Oct '10

    are there any of these comics where the woman isn't angry? it's a fairly negative way of portraying the character.

  • ali

    20 Oct '10

    are jordan and li dating?

  • Amanda

    28 Oct '10

    Your comics are scarily accurate to my husband and I.....

  • Vanessa

    31 Oct '10

    LOL! We are like twins!

  • Lyn

    03 Nov '10

    garbarharyarb - Yes most of them actually. Why not try reading the comics before you post your comments? They're not difficult.

  • Jacqueline

    05 Nov '10

    Awww Jordan looks so sad when you first yell at him...but then he puts on a smile cuz Li is cuddling with him.. :D

  • Naima

    08 Nov '10

    Shoelace is like a ninja kitty... he sneaks in via the window... and he gets to cuddle XD

  • GreenReaper

    10 Dec '10

    Fortunately, the Xbox uses so much power it is essentially a source of heating in itself.

  • Evilestine

    07 Jan '11

    This is sooo sweet~ See the smile on Jordan's face~ (*^_^*)

  • Arbitrary aardvark

    09 Mar '11

    i have this same discussion with my roommate. if it's cold, the lights are producing heat, same as if you were running an electric heater.so unless you have a heat pump or wood stove, might as well leave the lights on.

  • sara

    10 Mar '11

    i dont get it.... are they boyfriend and girlfriend???

  • Alzra

    19 Feb '12

    Whoa hold up a sec, if anything I'm the one constantly telling my whole family to turn all their stuff off!

  • Hank Aaron Jr.

    23 Mar '12

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Turn off the Xbox?! The Xbox is a source of life and power. It warms your home with its gaming awesomeness and infuses Jordan's chi with the energy of over 9000 sausages. This allows both him and you to with refrain from embarrassing yourselves in front of T-Rex. Therefore you shall be able to ride the legendary narwhal to the hidden springs of bacon. True Story. -Me Gusta

  • Seth

    06 Aug '13

    Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I can't decide. I love cuddling and I like playing on the xbox. Hmmm, idk if I would be too angary.

  • Kelsey

    04 Apr '14

    I've TOTALLY DONE THIS BEFORE. Angry cuddling. XP

  • Alex

    18 Jul '14

    I've done something like this before, but more because my boyfriend stays up -way- later than me lol! He decided once to sit in the bed til I fell asleep

  • Thoby

    19 Sep '20

    All according to plan...

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