• Li

    22 Aug '18

    Dog are you even taking this seriously

  • tudza

    22 Aug '18

    Not pistols. Avian JATO units.

  • bunnitos

    23 Aug '18

    Shoelace, Li, Bunny and Dog have magic sticks, turtle seems to have ceded victory, horse has a sponge? and duck has a flower, so it's a close call. I mean sure, bird has two pistols but he has them reversed, and is he really that good? I'm going to go with duck on this one.

  • edrie

    23 Aug '18

    As long as the enemy attacks from the rear, bird will take ‘em out. Otherwise, my money’s on Team Stick.

  • Amber

    23 Aug '18

    I love the horse's expression!

  • Jack Chain

    23 Aug '18

    at least dog looks somewhat ready to use his stick. the duck needs to work on his priorities tho.

  • Steven

    23 Aug '18

    I would actually want to play this game.

  • Indi

    23 Aug '18

    Bird has that 1000 m stare down cold. I wouldn't bet against him. (small aside ... I was momentarily confused by some posts here from tomorrow, then I remembered, Oh yeah, world.)

  • EL

    23 Aug '18

    Pretty sure the flies win by sheer numbers. Having a 4-person team is just too cheap.

  • John

    24 Aug '18

    The top banner makes me think that Jordan is the one responsible for organizing and administering the melee / delivering the contestants.

  • Oz

    28 Aug '18

    Can I buy this? PLEEEEEAAASSEEE??!!!

  • Lo

    31 Aug '18

    Hi Li! What platform did you use to build your website? I'm looking at ways to host my own comics and I love the layout of your site!

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