• Li
    25 Jul '18

    Hehe I really like this comic. Also just a reminder if you like my work, you can support me on Patreon :D

  • oish
    26 Jul '18

    I got the bird from a bird once. I was smoking on a second floor balcony when a humming bird flew down from my smoke cloud and hovered inches from my face and flew off. I was apparently under a humming bird feeder and he had requested a non smoking section.

  • Franck
    27 Jul '18

    Oh no, Li, you need to ask more nicely.

    Like this : « Deer bird, your voice is very melodious, and your song is very inspirong, however I’m trying to reach 8 hours of sleep and I’m only at 6. Could you please stfu or go away ? Thanks a lot for your understanding ! »

  • Arx11Comic
    28 Jul '18

    Twinkle twinkle little star, this song wont rhyme at all. This comic is really good, gonna say that in song form.

  • River
    30 Jul '18

    What kind of curse would a songbird curse if a songbird could curse Li?