• Li

    18 Jul '18

    Take some photos and then go home YEH!

  • Michael

    18 Jul '18


  • Will

    19 Jul '18

    My favorite thing about this comic is that, if you just remove the kelp, it becomes Space Atlantis

  • Vaso

    19 Jul '18

    That's what I call dedication. Shes been looking for Atlantis since she was a toddler? Wish I knew where I wanted to be in life at 2.

  • EL

    19 Jul '18

    @Will : That's just space kelp.

  • Arx11Comic

    20 Jul '18

    Y E E T

  • edrie

    20 Jul '18

    wonder what that mystery book’s all about ...

  • Selvius

    21 Jul '18

    How did Li’s office chair beat her to Atlantis? Where’d her desk float off to? And will Shoelace and Jordan reach her in time to stop the crabs from stealing her camera? Find out next episode on Li’s “Finding Atlantis: It’s Right Over There, Guys.”

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