• Li

    11 Jul '18

    I'm designing enamel pins! You can look at the designs here and tell me which you like best :D

  • Jack Chain

    12 Jul '18

    that should be enough to prepare him for the world out there.

  • Tim

    12 Jul '18

    I wish that my liberal arts degree prepared me for the real world as effectively as that spoon and loyalty card prepared that dinosaur.

  • Dan

    13 Jul '18

    The new Jurassic World is looking great!

  • Skylore

    14 Jul '18

    Still more responsible than John Hammond.

  • edrie

    14 Jul '18

    Shoelace in a lab coat - eureka!

  • Paula

    17 Jul '18

    You can crash on my couch until you figure things out.

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