• Li

    20 Jun '18

    I'm stoked to announce that there's new shirts, pillows and totes available in the store! They happen to be on sale right now too :D

  • Gawkface

    20 Jun '18

    Reminds me of the anime Natsume yuujinchou Such beautiful art u create Li :O *Sigh*

  • Max

    21 Jun '18

    Shoelace looks so huggable

  • Arx11Comic

    21 Jun '18

    Big Ol Shoelace

  • Slaeshjag

    21 Jun '18

    In the japanese countryside, there's just so many such small gems. Did not see or hear a single person during the 20 minutes I spent here (shrine not pictured, up that other set of stairs): https://youtu.be/6L0AwPVMb18

  • il biggo

    21 Jun '18

    Slaeshjag: same experience, but - strangely - at the Shitennogi temple in Osaka. We were there for more than an hour and we didn't see a single person, just a few cats.

  • Kilby

    21 Jun '18

    I was sort of expecting Shoelace to be waving a raised right paw.

  • Iman

    16 Mar '20


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