• Li
    6 Jun '18

    I’M BACK!! Jordan and I had an awesome holiday in Japan but it’s lovely to get back to making comics again. I missed you!! Leave a comment and tell me what you’ve been up to the last month :D

  • PixelPlanet
    6 Jun '18

    'sup soup?

  • David
    7 Jun '18

    Welcome back Li!
    I knew you were gone but I kept coming to check for comics in the morning before I was awake enough to remember.

  • Amber
    7 Jun '18

    Writing another book!

  • Aaron
    7 Jun '18

    Is this the new division of that Cow by Bear restaurant?

  • Calico
    7 Jun '18

    Your humor is so deliciously absurd. The loud soup is my favorite.

  • Bailey
    7 Jun '18

    Welcome back Li. <3 Love this comic. What I've been up to the past month: getting a creative job so I can quit the one that's been stressing me out. HOORAY. Next up: find another job so I can sustain the creative one.

  • BB McGee 9001
    BB McGee 9001
    7 Jun '18

    I really like your comics!

  • seaturtles
    7 Jun '18

    weclome back! it is funny that the comic is about soup because that's what i've been up to, making soup.

  • Vincent
    7 Jun '18

    Li's saying you're bad at making soup, bear.

    How are you this bad at making soup, bear?

  • Jonty
    7 Jun '18

    Making up for the lost time with more panels. I'm all for it.

  • Guy
    7 Jun '18

    Bear chef is all about minimal waste. Can't say he doesn't use all of the chicken, he even threw their ghosts into the third soup.

  • pyrodice
    7 Jun '18

    eighth soup too fire. get it a mixtape, like yesterday.

  • edrie
    8 Jun '18

    for the last month i’ve been waiting, patiently but eagerly, for new comics from Li. Worth it! also, now i want a bowl of tall soup. Look how exciting it is!

  • Tom
    9 Jun '18

    I think "thirdsouptooghosts" is going to be my new password.

  • Tim van der Meij
    Tim van der Meij
    9 Jun '18

    Welcome back Li! I've been doing a lot of video editing lately!

  • Nate
    13 Jun '18

    This feels like a Dmitri Martin bit lol

  • Jay Mellor
    Jay Mellor
    18 Jun '18

    ...What about the eighth? It has a Woodstock!