• Li

    02 May '18

    Hey guys! I'm going to Japan for a few weeks so the next comic won't be until 6th of June. In the meantime you can browse the archives, and I'll still be posting stuff on instagram, facebook, twitter, or reddit! You can also support me on Patreon :)

  • destoo

    03 May '18

    You're not going during Golden Week, right? RIGHT??

  • Chris

    03 May '18

    Shhhhhh bird only dreams now

  • Ari

    03 May '18

    LOL!! Amazing

  • Arx11Comic

    03 May '18

    "HEY GUYS SHE ALSO HAS CHOCOLATE COME ON" *jurassic park screeching as a whole cloud of birds come*

  • P-Star 7

    07 May '18

    destoo? More like deskpoo.

  • Arx11Comic

    11 May '18

    Sadness is knowing there wont be a comic for a while now.

  • Dennis Marshall

    11 May '18

    That's my birthday!

  • Henry O.

    12 May '18

    Well, 517 comics in 1 day is prolly enough fer now anyways! Lord C'll check back end of Jun! Love Ya Li!!! (P.S. have fun in Japan!!! The Floating World!!!)

  • edrie

    06 Jun '18

    I am so excited for a new comic tomorrow, I can hardly wait!

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