• Li

    14 Mar '18

    Yay it's one panel week! This is also the perfect time to remind you that you can get this comic as well as any of my other comics and drawings as prints so you can have them forever :D

  • Andreas

    15 Mar '18

    This picture fills me with a feeling of peace and happiness. ^^ Thank you Li!

  • Franck

    15 Mar '18

    Hum.... I think I'm going to need that one as an A4 print displayed somewhere in my flat. Oh, Shoelace is there too !

  • Aeron

    15 Mar '18


  • Chris

    15 Mar '18

    Whatcha reading?

  • Bridget

    15 Mar '18

    Need it.

  • a person

    15 Mar '18


  • Jon

    16 Mar '18

    Lovely! I just bought your 'Hang in there!' poster for my wife, and she loves it! Thanks Li.

  • PlunderBunny

    08 Oct '20

    That looks like one of the trees in Albert Park.

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