• Li

    07 Mar '18

    I hope you learned something today and that you follow these rules the next time you go to your local library.

  • tudza

    07 Mar '18

    Thought they were crows for a moment there.

  • Franck

    07 Mar '18

    And no Ice Cream !

  • Chris

    08 Mar '18

    HEY! It was only an attempted murder. No need to be so rude!

  • Margrét

    08 Mar '18

    Yaaaaas Black Books reference!

  • caanthedalek

    08 Mar '18

    Ooh, was that a Black Books reference in the alt text?

  • StevenDeLuxi

    09 Mar '18

    Just wanted to say I've been reading all of your comics a few days ago and it really was a day well spent! They're so adorable and funny! Keep up the great work! :D

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