• Li

    21 Feb '18

    I really like museums, especially the ancient history and natural history parts. Have a good week!

  • pyrodice

    21 Feb '18

    No Li, you are not old enough to be ancient history, get off that wall, you are not even a hieroglyph!

  • najodleglejszy

    21 Feb '18

    I'd visit the heck out of that museum.

  • tudza

    22 Feb '18

    As in all things, easy docent.

  • Tudpool

    22 Feb '18

    That first frame needs punctuation. Its a bit confusing reading it without any,

  • Telanis

    22 Feb '18

    @Tudpool It's intentional, to represent how the character is speaking....

  • notatroll29292

    22 Feb '18

    i'll buy that pot for 100 male deer

  • Xeno!

    26 Feb '18

    I guess the giant snails couldn't go to convenience stores yet as automatic doors hadn't been invented yet.

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