• Li
    24 Jan '18

    Hey guys, I’m playing Pandemic Legacy and I was the first to eradicate the red virus so now I get to name it! Let me know if you have any good exocomics-related names :D
    If you don’t know what Pandemic Legacy is then shhh don’t worry.

  • Tim V.
    Tim V.
    25 Jan '18

    "Well Ms. Sphynx, you need to use this thing called Thunderbolt, which replaces your headphone jack-" "IT DON'T HAVE A HEADDY JACK WHUT >:("

  • Steven
    25 Jan '18

    Name it shoelaces love.

  • Sarah
    25 Jan '18

    oooh I want to play Pandemic Legacy.. I have to make do with the original version for now. How's about Cooties for the red virus?

  • Chris
    25 Jan '18

    Oh god this EVERY DAY

    What is this, Epidemics Anonymous?

  • Tom
    25 Jan '18

    love your comics but thought you should know that in the image your bottom url 'e' looks like 'c' - so it reads like your domain is cxocomics instead of exocomics. (Maybe register it and redirect?)

  • Bailey
    25 Jan '18

    Name ideas: Kicksit, Surprise Calculus, Tiny Cactus, PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS, BerryHAM, Imasausagenow

  • naknaknak
    25 Jan '18

    "There is no cloud, just other people's computers." - the free software foundation
    I think this sums it up pretty well.

  • Lindsey
    25 Jan '18

    Real footage of Super Mario Odyssey

    Also Pandemic Legacy is great!

  • grop
    25 Jan '18

    most viruses look like angry shoelaces... sooooooooooo.....

  • Kilby
    26 Jan '18

    Isn't it obvious? Name that virus "" !

  • Erin
    26 Jan '18

    I wonder what kinds of photos would the Sphinx post anyway. Is it just the same landscape over and over again? Pictures of her food?…

    Come to think of it, that would probably solve a lot of missing persons cases.

  • Katharina
    27 Jan '18

    I *really* want this comic on a t-shirt :3
    Also can we talk about how adorable that sphinx looks?

  • zsh
    28 Jan '18

    where is error 503?

  • Snooj
    8 Feb '18

    If it somehow becomes possible to get that last panel on a t-shirt I will buy it so quickly. I don't need the setup, just that glorious last image.

  • Smeerp
    24 Dec '19

    I just email them to myself