• Li
    10 Jan '18


    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback on 500. We worked so hard on it and we’re so glad that you loved playing it. I had a lot of fun reading through all the questions and hints that you left in the comments.

    Here’s to another year of comics :D

  • Kilby
    10 Jan '18

    Do Aussies and Kiwis really refer to their dollars as "bucks", just like the Yanks?

  • Muzz
    10 Jan '18

    @Kilby, yes, but interchangeably with other slang.

  • Slang challenged NZer.
    Slang challenged NZer.
    11 Jan '18

    @Kilby: mad skrilla yo yo, homie g bro. Nice shoes. Gimmie ya shoes aow. Ha ha ha, yeah nah just kidding bro, sup Cuzz?

  • Franck
    11 Jan '18

    Erf, don't start me about Old Franck. Bastard left me with 20 KG and I don't know how to get rid of them !

  • Ari Morse
    Ari Morse
    11 Jan '18

    New Li is so shiny!

  • Vítor
    11 Jan '18

    Future Li's never gonna forget that cookie :)

  • Eazeh
    11 Jan '18

    Aussies and Kiwis use everyone else's slang, primarily because visitors aren't as overwhelmed by the flood of our own slang and rapid speech patterns when they have something familiar to cling to like a rock in a stormy sea.

    Also, New Li is clearly better; she has sparkles and cooler butterflies.

  • Henry O
    Henry O
    12 May '18

    All 9 endings on comic 500!!! What a lot a fun that was, thank you very much Ms. Li
    (Altho, you've pretty much made my 'Pirate Cat' chidrens book series dreams fall apart, you know that right!? *Grins*)