• Rob

    16 Dec '17

    This was *awesome*! And while playing it, it struck me how much Shoelace is like the Gromit to Li's Wallace...

  • AP

    17 Dec '17

    Never commented before, but it was just too good to leave it as always, without a trace of appreciation. It took me a lot of time, made me search for clues in code (no big cheating, just taking small hints) and was SOOOOOO FUN. Thank you!

  • abigael

    17 Dec '17


  • evilsnake

    17 Dec '17

    brb making a map

  • yahway666

    17 Dec '17

    Totally awesome! I love it. Here’s a rudimentary map of the maze I made if anyone’s interested. Also, when typing a comment the space bar tries to progress the story instead of actually making spaces. Maybe make the game Enter key only, so it doesn’t accidentally respond to spacebar input? Map: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ig-TKHrOvVNKlvar7uMn1_zZ53oLJHDq63VggkUOHdQ/edit?usp=sharing

  • Timothy

    19 Dec '17


  • Jordan

    19 Dec '17

    This was pretty awesome! I had to cheat for 2 of the paths, but I loved exploring this one! You two made something really awesome here! And it’s beautiful as always!

  • ScrabbleDiva

    20 Dec '17


  • loqk

    20 Dec '17

    Thanks Kala. The only one I missed was the photo. I am now complete as a human being :-)

  • Jo

    21 Dec '17


  • Mandylion

    21 Dec '17

    This was super fun and adorable! Played the whole thing. Great job, Li :)

  • Laura

    22 Dec '17


  • vitupera

    23 Dec '17

    Congratulations on 500 comics! Every one of them belongs in a museum XD This game is incredible, it's been so much fun. I have one question though-- I'm not sure what it takes to get all the asterisks? I've found all nine endings, but I can't figure out how to fill in all the asterisks at once. (I did the cup ending, but now that I've done other endings that asterisk is grey, I've gone through the maze a bunch but that asterisk is still grey, etc.) Am I missing a step, or is that a bug?

  • Bensaret

    28 Dec '17


  • A_R

    02 Jan '18

    Vitupera, Getting the coin gives you an asterisk, simiarly for finding out the spider's name, etc. Though rather than having to hunt through the whole map to find out where the grey asterisks help you narrow it down. So since you've got all the endings then you must have got quite a few asterisks already. You can't get them all in one go as they are on different routes, but once you've unlocked an asterisk it stays unlocked.

  • Kara

    03 Jan '18


  • Scott

    03 Jan '18


  • Keziah

    03 Jan '18


  • Gobbo

    04 Jan '18

    Any hints on the asterix just above the Light Room dot? I got the janitor hidden after you press the red button but I can't find this one. I clicked every inch of those panels between janitor and light room...

  • VV

    04 Jan '18


  • Graeme

    04 Jan '18

    VV, there's something you can find and look at at the party that will give you a new option in the treasure room.

  • xan

    04 Jan '18


  • Chris

    10 Jan '18

    I LOVE this game! The drawings are amazingly cute and there is so much replay value thanks to the little details and alternate endings. So cool :)

  • Killy

    12 Jan '18

    Pheeew. Light Room asterisk was the least clear one - took me a while to find. It is in the Light Room and it is not the photo. Would be nice if arrows had bigger clickable area and the same for every frame size. But keyboard navigation is the best once you found it. Great story.

  • Anime_Rpg

    15 Jan '18

    Yes, didn't realise about keyboard navigation until I had almost 100% completed. Gobbo, that would either be clicking on the light ray (or pressing up) when you first enter, or looking at the photo when you take the left route.

  • Eyam

    22 Jan '18


  • Coral

    26 Jan '18


  • Nahuel

    31 Mar '18

    I completed it! Really fun!! I loved it. Thanks!! <3

  • PleX

    03 Apr '18


  • Ana

    21 Sep '18

    That was hard and amazing!!!!! Love it. Marvelous job.

  • Borland

    03 Mar '19

    Love this :-) It was hard (I've got like 75% myself) but I have my constellation! Oh yes, and space does not work, but copy paste does .-)

  • cookie_me

    06 Jun '19

    hi this_is_a_fun_game!!!_Really_enjoyed_it!!

  • Cat_astrophe

    12 Apr '20


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