• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Oh multi purpose duct tape, how I heart you.

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    thus explaining ceiling li

  • Lush

    31 Aug '10

    Ceiling Li is watching you ♥

  • someone

    31 Oct '10

    this could have been a 2 panel comic :)

  • Lyn

    03 Nov '10

    Could have been, but isn't. Meaniehead. I like it fine as 4.

  • Apey

    03 Jan '11

    And now it comes in cool designs too!

  • Lucas

    08 Mar '11

    That looks so fun!

  • Vedran

    16 Apr '11

    robot mummies? how slow would that be?

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    I like how Jordan didn't question about why you were upside down like it's a daily thing or something :P

  • Fluffy

    13 Jan '12

    The eternal debate between duct and duck tape rages ever on... I wish to make a duck from duct tape of a non duck brand... just to confuse the life out of people with my non-duck duct duck. To be fair even with duck branded tape it's still a duck duct duck which is fairly amusing too

  • Zach

    22 Sep '12

    You used up a man's duct tape without replacing it? In America, we get very upset over that.

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