• Li
    29 Nov '17

    Ahhhh we’re at 499!!! We’re taking an extra week to put the finishing touches on 500 so no comic next week and we’ll see you on December 13th :D

    In the meantime you can follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter to see updates and doodles!

  • Max
    30 Nov '17


  • David
    30 Nov '17

    Is the poem a /r/ilikthebred reference?

  • mits
    8 Dec '17

    Honestly, i'm pretty invested in these characters and i'd love to see them in more linear narratives, they seem like they'd be fun to explore in complex situations. Don't get me wrong, I love the gag-a-day goofs and gaffs but i can't help but wonder...

  • Jrdiver
    10 Dec '17

    That moment when your reading through the archives and run out of comics one comic before the big ones....dont mind me (and probably everyone else) hitting refresh hoping that it appears early.

  • Franck
    13 Dec '17

    > It sure is.

    Let your mouse pointer over the picture for a few seconds to see the second part. of the poem.