• Li
    8 Nov '17

    Hey! Come on be super organised and buy your xmas gifts from the store soon! I have drawings, cards, stickers, prints and other stuff :D

  • Franck
    9 Nov '17

    Mr Bird applied to work at the foodandstuffcie. Got interviewed Inverviewer : So, the job is about testing food and checking what's food and what's not. Now Mr Bird is now getting paid to do what he was doing for free. And since it is a job, he is not feeling like he was useless to the society anymore.

  • Franck
    9 Nov '17

    Also, I wonder if this Bird is called Gerry Smith.

  • Kilby
    9 Nov '17

    Dogs do this all the time. If they see something that "might" be food, they just swallow it. If turns out not to be food, they can always throw it up later.

  • m3w
    15 Nov '17

    fun fact: since birds can't chew their food, swallowing pebbles actually helps with digestion! it breaks apart hard food like seeds!

  • Martin DeMello
    Martin DeMello
    20 Nov '17

    one of my favourites :)

  • Tom
    23 Nov '17

    Love it! I think it's one of the best ones, especially the alt text :)