• Li
    11 Oct '17

    I hope Mirror Li has dinner ready by the time I get home

  • James
    11 Oct '17

    Your character is always a delight to see. I love the blank expression of Mirror Li.

  • Tim van der Meij
    Tim van der Meij
    11 Oct '17

    She will have dinner ready, but the positions of the cutlery will be mirrored and that's just horrible.

  • huangho
    12 Oct '17

    This one is so cute :)

  • Jack Chain
    Jack Chain
    12 Oct '17

    "do I look ok of them all"?

  • Hans Christian Andersen
    Hans Christian Andersen
    12 Oct '17

    @Jack Chain Seriously?!!!

  • Franck
    12 Oct '17

    Eh, my mirror would look at me right now and be like "Thumb down, here is a celery stick"... ^^'

  • Xeno!
    12 Oct '17

    Sometimes the connection can be a bit laggy on the wall model magic mirrors.

  • Someone
    15 Oct '17

    Aw, Li, your comics are so cute :3