• Li

    04 Oct '17

    Just a reminder that if you like my comics, you can support me on Patreon :D

  • DYM

    05 Oct '17

    crime of opportunity leads to a life of fear

  • Eduardo

    05 Oct '17

    Me when I stole my first cookie from the cookie jar

  • Xeno!

    05 Oct '17

    And now that Chicken is the crime lord Two Knives No Wattles!

  • random person on the internet

    05 Oct '17

    oh no... not the tiny knife! ANYTHING BUT THE TINY KNIFE

  • Carl

    06 Oct '17

    You could say the chicken can't turn "Bawk" now. Get it, because chicken's bawk... I swear it's a funny joke

  • David

    07 Oct '17

    I like how Shoelace is jus' chillin', reading comics and stuff with Li. It's nice how a cat does that.

  • Franck

    08 Oct '17

    The tiny police needs to do something !

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