• Li

    27 Sep '17

    Happy one panel week :D Nine more comics until #500!!! Ahhhhh

  • GawkFace

    28 Sep '17

    Walking on cloud nine, literally ;) Very beautiful!!

  • Kilby

    28 Sep '17

    Artwork that's so good that it doesn't even need any additional "alt-text" commentary.

  • Aeron

    28 Sep '17

    Squad goals.

  • Mark

    28 Sep '17

    Everything's better in a blanket.

  • Franck

    28 Sep '17

    Space is cold, so you need a blanket even inside the spacecraft... Oh no, the spacecraft doesn't have anything on his legs to cover them ! But little spacecraft is not cold, he cannot feel warm or cold. It's so sad, but little spacecraft is not sad about it, because he knows it would be inconvenient to be cold for a spacecraft. He could not fly hight in the sky if he could feel cold or hot. And he love to fly high in the sky, walking on clouds and dodging meteorites !

  • grop

    29 Sep '17

    @Franck -- you reminded me of this https://xkcd.com/695/ -- anthropomorphizing machinery has made for a somber day -- #rememberingspirit

  • Tim van der Meij

    30 Sep '17

    Wonderful! I'm hotly anticipating Vol's 4 and 5 of the printed edition!

  • Josh

    07 Oct '17

    Hey, the alien from 300 came back for Jordan to ride the spaceship! So cute!

  • lrreii

    11 Jan '20

    I just noticed the spacecraft has legs lol

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