• Li

    21 Sep '17

    oh no.

  • GawkFace

    21 Sep '17

    The Petter became the pettee?

  • nerdpride

    21 Sep '17

    Ha! This is a great twist on the Jack and the Beanstalk story! Bravo, Li! I love all your comics, I've been on a reading spree since I found this comic!

  • owen

    21 Sep '17

    magic beans are the ultimate commodity

  • disaidra

    21 Sep '17

    black books reference in the alt text?

  • Oish

    21 Sep '17

    Hue Heffer then went on to build a mansion and a grotto infested with the bunny mafia

  • Franck

    22 Sep '17

    Giving something to become part of the family... That's a dot, and this must be a sacred cow ! Or this is just a twist on Jack and the Beanstalk...

  • grop

    22 Sep '17

    those cow eyes in the first panel remind me of invader zim lol --- you continue to entertain Li!

  • Aigars Mahinovs

    23 Sep '17

    Start with Animal Farm. What could possibly go wrong!

  • Owen

    28 Sep '17

    You mean I can get my own Li and all I need to trade are some magic beans - SOLD!! Never liked those beans anyway.

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