• Li

    06 Sep '17

    I hope you all learnt something today.

  • Roni

    06 Sep '17

    Yep. Watch out for the poLIce. ;)

  • grop

    07 Sep '17

    I learnt the difference between learned and learnt. I also learned that learnt is more British English than American English. Thanks for keeping my education going!! Just in case you are wondering: burned/burnt dreamed/dreamt kneeled/knelt spoiled/spoilt spelled/spelt

  • GawkFace

    07 Sep '17

    Police came within a whisker of the cat and catching the wanted cat was cat's whiskers Anyway why would the snail's phone number be a symbol

  • Chris Wilson

    07 Sep '17

    Is this where we report sneaky cats? I have a black and white one named Trouble. She sometimes respond to "Cat!" or "You little turd!" or "Get back here!"

  • Tutt

    07 Sep '17

    Dumb cat! I'd never be caught like that! I'm the best!

  • Feanck

    07 Sep '17

    Tiny Police is the best Police !

  • Enoua5

    07 Sep '17

    This showed up in my google news feed for some reason. I have now moved it to my book marks.

  • Kilby

    07 Sep '17

    Don't let Shoelace fool you: cats only get caught when they want to get caught.

  • Xeno!

    11 Sep '17

    It's really more an indictment of the average sneakiness level in this town if you overthink it.

  • Friday

    24 Sep '19

    Slinky Malinky?

  • lrreii

    11 Jan '20

    Nuh uh! how can I find my limits without exaggerating them!?

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