• Li

    16 Aug '17

    This week's comic is a bit Game of Thrones inspired after I drew this in my sketchbook :D

    Also just a reminder that if you like my comics, you can support me on Patreon!

  • Kilby

    16 Aug '17

    I've just happened to watch two animated movies in the past week that had popcorn gags in them: first "Megamind", and then "Over the Hedge".

  • GawkFace

    16 Aug '17

    Is this in reference to the eclipse legend http://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse-archive/dragon.html

  • Mike

    17 Aug '17

    Maybe if you had said "please", Dragon wouldn't be so grumpy in front of the microwave.

  • Heehee

    17 Aug '17

    Love you Li

  • Xeno!

    17 Aug '17

    What is that poor dragon supposed to do with all that prepped fire? You don't want it to get heartburn!

  • Argus

    17 Aug '17

    This reminds me of the line from Dunkelzhan's last will and testament in Shadowrun. A million bucks to whichever individual owns the patent on popcorn that can be popped over an open flame, after too many scorched bags of microwave garbage.

  • Franck

    18 Aug '17

    Can I borrow Dragon from December to end Mars ? it's going to be cold here...

  • Krem

    19 Aug '17

    The first frame should become a print - it's just too good.

  • Robin

    14 Oct '17

    I love this one!

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