• Li

    09 Aug '17

    Hope you're having a great day :D

  • Franck

    09 Aug '17

    Posing in front of the camera to take all he attention... that's such a cat thing to do... are you sure you're not top cat ?

  • Jacobli

    10 Aug '17

    Cute as always <3

  • Kilby

    11 Aug '17

    The "fuzzy focus" effect in the last panel is very well done.

  • Xeno!

    11 Aug '17

    It's okay. You're just not top dog over there. Only around here.

  • Tsinbo

    15 Aug '17

    Bird in frame 2 just looking out his front door, wondering what all the hubbub is about. The best.

  • TotesCoax

    16 Aug '17

    I like the use of the bug to show not much distance between the two in different panels :)

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