• Li

    26 Jul '17

    I've been seeing so many beautiful dogs lately and this week's comic is dedicated to all of them

  • jamie barnes

    27 Jul '17

    Just saw a dog at work. I was waiting to take the trolley of a guy who had a dog in his car and she started barking at me. He apologised saying for some reason she gets tetchy when she's in cars so he made her hop out and let me have a play with her so I knew she wasn't aggressive and to teach her that she's got noting to be afraid of.

  • yas

    27 Jul '17

    I love your comics and i read them even in my work place.thank you!!!

  • yas

    27 Jul '17

    dogs are dangerous creatures you know....they are cute and curious and...oh god i love them!!!Ii saw one last night and shared my dinner.

  • Vickie Gumina

    01 Aug '17

    Especially loved the one you did for Dr. Romulo. Thank you so much!

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