• Liat

    07 Jun '17

    I wonder how it uses the controller

  • Jack Chain

    08 Jun '17

    stupid goose, don't you know Nintendo Switch is better?

  • Mark

    08 Jun '17

    No wonder that bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend sold so well.

  • Franck

    08 Jun '17

    At first I was like "How could an xbox be so small ?" but then I finally understood ! 1ll the tiny animals in this comic ! Li is a giant, that's why some animals are so small ! It all makes sense now ! Nah, I'm kidding, I bet the xbox take all the place in the house. And the wall at the back is a flat screen.

  • Marc

    08 Jun '17

    An XBOX. The classic one. With the Duke controller, bigger than the tree.

  • Kilby

    08 Jun '17

    Thanks, Franck - This one was utterly unintelligible until I read your explanation. It might have worked better if the foundations were on the limb, rather than behind it.

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