• Li
    24 May '17

    Shh bby this is a safe place, you can all share your bully-geese stories here.

  • shiro
    24 May '17

    Give a chicken an inch and they'll take the house o.o||

  • kaellinn18
    24 May '17

    Many years ago at my old office we had a pair of migrating geese set up shop outside the front door. They would attack anyone who came near it. We all had to use the back door that day.

  • Jake
    25 May '17

    As a child, I went to feed ducks with my parents in a nearby park. Unfortunately, the geese were out in force that day and I spent much of that day fleeing before their feathered wrath. Turns out, geese are not very nice.

  • Tjacu
    25 May '17

    Maybe it's looking for the eggs, what did you do to the eggs Li?

  • Rose
    25 May '17

    When I was 3 I tried to feed a goose and it bit me.. 24 years later I still have the scar on my hand! Geese can be mean :( Although at least mine didn't try and move in with me.

  • Mitsy!
    26 May '17

    Next thing u know he's inviting all his friends over for an impromptu party while you're at work and they leave the house a mess... you can never trust geese.

  • GawkFace
    26 May '17

    geez... geese

  • James
    5 Jun '17

    C'mon geese lets watch some 2broke girls together!